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Industry 4.0

Each year, a growing number of people as well as things are becoming connected via the internet. This trend has an impact on daily lives, on the way people interact with each other, and on the way companies manufacture and distribute goods. In a business environment that is often characterized by increasing volatile markets as well as a demand for faster and more individual production cycles, companies need to ready themselves to compete.

By 2020, about 7 billion people and 50 billion things will be online.

A constantly changing world challenges companies as well as their business models to evolve in order to keep track. Companies require innovative manufacturing approaches that rely on the intelligent use of data to optimize production flows can significantly enhance current value creation and open up unimagined potential for more productivity, flexibility and quality. The driver and enabler for this will be real time access to data through connected technology. Data forms the heart of the fourth revolution in manufacturing: Industry 4.0.

Stay competitive with Industry 4.0

“Industry 4.0 solutions by Bosch focus on three main elements – machine, data and people.”
- Simon Song, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions ASEAN

How the Industry 4.0 production line works


Bosch Rexroth machine
Bosch Rexroth machine control units are assembled in the production line modules.

The production line is made up of three automatic and two manual modules by which Bosch Rexroth’s machine controls are assembled. By means of Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID Chips), the scanner in the automatic modules always knows which control has to be produced. RFID is the term used for the technology to automatically identify and locate objects using radio waves. A heat conducting paste is applied at the first station via a handling system. The next production step is again read by a RFID scan so that the robot assembles a circuit board fitted with a heat sink and then passes it on to a second robot to be screwed into place.


The thing that turns the i4.0 production line into a fully connected facility is the transfer and use of data: The line operates under the control of our Manufacturing Execution System (MES — IT Shopfloor Solutions). MES supplies the information about the work pieces and production steps for transparent analysis, planning and monitoring of assembly in real time.

The Bosch IoT Gateway converts the data into the Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP) machine language and transfers it to the Production Performance Manager. It captures the data from production, machines and sensors and presents them almost in real time. The system additionally identifies abnormal incidents and informs the responsible staff member. It improves product quality and reduces sub-standard products and downtimes of the individual components along the production line.

All the data is sent to higher-level systems so that staff members can access it at all times — on a tablet, mobile, shop floor dashboard or on the machine. Staff members can also perform maintenance using the terminals.

Illustration of data transfer


ActiveAssist workstation

In Industry 4.0, humans remain indispensable within the production process. When facing particularly complex tasks, workers can be supported by the smart ActiveAssist workstation. The control electronics are tested and the functionality of the electronic components are checked at the last station of the production line. To diagnose faults, data from previous stations are compared with the test results.

Our solutions to your future challenges

Portfolio for your future

Software solutions

Our i4.0 software solutions link all the components of your value stream with each other and the people involved. What we want to achieve: full-grade connectivity, complete transparency, and reduced complexity.

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Logistics and manufacturing

We connect machines and whole manufacturing lines to value-creation networks. With our solutions you can achieve complete transparency and coordination of all logistics operations in and outside your factory.

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Service and consulting

Bosch offers a wide range of services and consulting in the field of Industry 4.0, including collaborative projects to test new business models. We’ll help you discover new potentials along your value stream.

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Field level equipment

Components, modules, and systems for the optimal integration of the solutions of machine manufacturers into vertically and horizontally networked Industry 4.0 environments.

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