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Bosch is committed to making the world a better place by inventing technology that makes lives better. As a frontrunner of innovation for more than 130 years, we thrive on developing solutions to overcome challenges of the future. To stay ahead of the curve, over 72,000 Bosch researchers and developers worldwide, including 30,000 software engineers, are working to develop more solutions that are capable of improving quality life.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps people solve complex problems faster.

Bosch is investing 3.7 billion euros every year in software development to tap into the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI). With 1,000 associates working on AI currently, it is our goal to make 20,000 associates AI-savvy in the next two years by implementing different levels of training programs for managers, engineers and developers.

We also believe that it is equally important to build trust in AI. This gave rise to the establishment of an AI code of ethics , providing associates with clear guidelines on safe and ethical use of AI in Bosch’s intelligent products.

With AI and the Internet of Things, Bosch is developing solutions to make lives easier and safer for people in mobility, at home, and in manufacturing. One of such products is the Virtual Visor, an AI-based transparent digital sun visor that uses intelligent algorithms to protect drivers’ vision the smart way while they are on the road.

Mobility for All

Electrification and automation, the mobility of the future will be one that is connected and personalized to enable unprecedented new user experiences. New technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and the fuel cell are being leveraged to further advance our move towards alternative mobility.

The key to achieving this is to adopt a technology-neutral approach towards emissions-free mobility by investing in a powertrain mix of highly efficient combustion engines and state-of-the-art electric motors.

Connected mobility that benefits all.

Quantum Technology

Taking a leap into the future of engineering, we are investing in the most promising technologies of tomorrow – quantum technologies. Quantum technologies is a new field of engineering that translates the effects of quantum physics into practical applications. This unlocks many other engineering possibilities that could contend with the most pressing trends such as urbanization and climate change. We are focusing on three areas: quantum sensors, quantum computers and algorithms, and quantum cryptography.

Optimization problems in engineering tasks, such as traffic routing optimization, could also be solved by quantum computing. With the disruptive nature of quantum technologies, it would highly impact engineering in the future as sensors, computers and security will be far more sophisticated than before.

Sensor Technology

As a pioneer in sensor technologies, our years of experience has enabled us to invent sensor solutions that are out of this world. Soundsee, for instance, is a Bosch AI-based sensor system developed to make everyday life for astronauts easier. This sensor system allows astronauts to listen for malfunctions and save time by effectively addressing the malfunctions before they even occur. Proving its usefulness in space, developers are confident that Soundsee can also be used to help make lives better on Earth in the future, through monitoring of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems or vehicle engines. In the meantime, test activities are being carried out in space to further fine-tune the sensor system as the vacuum of space isn’t nearly as noisy as the surface of the Earth, thus making it the perfect test lab.

Bosch Soundsee device.

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