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Meeting local needs while contributing to the common good was one of Robert Bosch’s key principles. His remarkable vision is still relevant today, almost 100 years later, as issues such as inequality, poverty, and climate change have become more pressing than ever. At Bosch, we believe that we can make a major contribution in tackling social challenges and supporting global efforts for a sustainable society.

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Enhancing the quality of education

Education is essential in narrowing social and economic inequalities - opening doors of opportunity in raising quality of life and reducing poverty. In Southeast Asia, Bosch helps to enhance education standards and impart lifelong skills to local workforce by providing learning tools, awarding scholarships and developing curriculums with vocational and tertiary institution. By doing so, talents are able to develop their fullest potential by succeeding in their education, realizing their career aspiration and in turn, be the driving forces in making a positive difference to the community and country.

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Empowering young inventors

Bosch runs various initiatives aimed at supporting and nurturing young inventors. In Singapore, Bosch provided Singapore Polytechnic with a unique, scaled-down version of an actual smart factory system, enabling students to learn about technological advancements of Industry 4.0 and seize future opportunities in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity. Similarly, Bosch collaborated with Yonah, a student-initiated project that seeks to overcome access barriers to healthcare in rural regions through the use of autonomous drones. Bosch supported the project by providing additional resources and equipment such as power tools, as well as technology expert mentoring.

"[...] Technology, which is designed and has the capability to help the whole of mankind make the best of their lives and find happiness in life."
- Robert Bosch, Founder

Towards a greener future

In Thailand, Bosch supported the Skills For Life Foundation by assisting in manufacturing and selling of table lights made from recycled glass bottles sourced from luxury hotels in Chiang Mai. Beyond its fund-raising purpose, beneficiaries of the foundation - mostly young adults, acquired new knowledge and skills, from simple business lessons such as cost calculation to using Bosch power tools to create their product of sale, guided by a Bosch expert.

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Bosch is also committing in environmental preservation initiatives. In Vietnam, working closely with local authorities in the Dong Nai province, Bosch associates pledges to plant 2,750 trees over 2.26 hectares of land by 2018 and 5 hectares more by 2020. The ultimate goal is to contribute to a better air quality for over three million people living in the community.

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