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Bosch in Indonesia

Students or “Makers of Tomorrow”?

Working side by side with the next generation.

Makers of Tomorrow

Creative workplace for students

Launched in September 2016, students from the National University of Laos were given the challenge of drawing up ideas on how to reuse an old water tank that was standing idle on the campus.

With the opening of the creative learning and working space, the students now have the opportunity to practically test out their ideas. In a space where they can meet and try out their latest ideas for new inventions and projects. It gives them the chance to improve their overall problem-solving and innovation skills by applying theoretical knowledge in real life.

"Our heads were full of theory and knowledge, but we lacked more experience and practice." Watch how Bosch helped the students build up their creative workspace to gain further practical expertise.

Through this project, our students have been able to showcase their potential, harness their creativity, and gain new skill sets in developing an innovative solution for the betterment of the community within our campus.


23 years

The median age in Laos is around 23 years.

Makers of tomorrow: A practical & innovative space for students

“Makers of Tomorrow” aims to foster creative problem-solving among the youth. It is at the heart of Bosch’s commitment to improve the quality of life, environment, and society. By reusing an old water tank as a practical working environment, the students created an entire space for themselves.

Photo Gallery

Find out what these young Inventors have in common with Bosch. A small innovation can help make a difference in society.

Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow
Makers of Tomorrow


Did you know? The National University of Laos has more than 26,000 students.

It is important now more than ever to cultivate an authentic learning environment and development of skills within young talents as they are key to the country’s future success.


From an idle space to a creative study center

The “Makers of Tomorrow” building is a creative and inspirational study space, completely powered by solar energy. It also has a natural ventilation system to reduce cooling cost. Holding a capacity of around 20 students at one time, the space is equipped with Wi-Fi, learning facilities and product displays by Bosch.