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Bosch in Indonesia

Bosch showcases automated, connected and electrified mobility technologies at GIIAS 2017

Continuous innovation to make vehicles safer, comfortable and efficient


  • Shaping mobility today and tomorrow: accident-free, stress-free and emission-free
  • Solutions for safe driving: Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) becoming global standard
  • Electrification: driving enjoyment and connectivity
  • Debut of latest battery technology: the AM Hightec Silver AMS Battery
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  • Bosch at GIIAS 2017 2

Jakarta, Indonesia – Bosch, a leading global supplier of automotive technology and services, demonstrated a holistic mobility experience at Gaikindo International Automotive Conference 2017 (GIIAS 2017). The company presented current and future solutions in the areas of connected, automated, and electrified mobility, as well as its aftermarket service solutions.

“Bosch envisions traffic to be accident-free, stress-free, and as close to zero-emission as possible,” said Andrew Powel, managing director of Bosch in Indonesia. “This vision guides our development efforts and is what we want to showcase at GIIAS 2017,” he added.

Accident-free mobility through active safety technology

For Bosch, every traffic-related death is one too many. As an automotive supplier, Bosch believes that one of the most substantial impact the automotive industry can make is to produce safer vehicles equipped with modern safety systems produce such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP®), also known as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which is demonstrated at the Bosch booth at GIIAS through a simulator.

In 1995, Bosch improved ABS technology by developing the world’s first Electronic Stability Program (ESP®). Using smart sensors, ESP® compares 25 times per second whether a driver’s steering input matches the vehicle’s actual direction of travel. If the system detects discrepancy and identifies that the vehicle is likely to become unstable, ESP® intervenes by reducing the engine torque in order to restore stability. If necessary, brakes to individual wheels are applied should the system sense that the vehicle is still in danger.

ESP® in Europe alone has saved more than 8,500 lives and prevented more than a quarter of a million traffic accidents to date. If all vehicles are equipped with ESP®, up to 80 percent of all skidding accidents can be prevented. Today, 64 percent of all new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles worldwide are fitted with ESP®.

Leading the transformation of mobility through electrification

Automated and electrified driving are two aspects of how Bosch envisions the future of mobility. In the field of electrification, Bosch has designed the 48 V hybrid system as one of its electrification solutions to help improve fuel efficiency at a more affordable price compared to high-voltage systems. The 48 V hybrid system is an effective bridge to further electrification, while Bosch also provides a range of electrification solutions ranging low-voltage to high-voltage hybrid systems, plug-in hybrid, electric vehicles, and fuel cells.

Automated technologies show visitors the automotive future

Bosch empowers automated driving through technologies that enable a more comfortable, convenient, and accident-free future. Among these technologies is the Electric Power Steering Systems (EPS). Bosch offers EPS for passenger and commercial vehicle – providing the perfect solution for enhanced safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. Electric steering systems offer potential savings of up to 0.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, providing the basic technology required to realize a number of assistance systems in cars, automated driving, and electric vehicles.

Parts-Bytes-Workshop services that gives peace of mind

Providing battery solutions to vehicles since 1922, Bosch launched the AM Hightec Silver AMS (Alternator Management System) battery for the Indonesian market at GIIAS 2017. Passenger cars are increasingly fitted with AMS, a technology that reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emission by constantly monitoring the vehicle’s operating conditions and adjusting the battery’s state of charge. In addition, drivers are expecting to power more devices in their vehicles such as navigation systems and mobile phones, calling for an increase in the energy consumption of cars. The new Bosch AM Hightec Silver AMS is designed to deliver high power performance despite frequent charging and discharging patterns due to the car’s AMS, has a high charge capacity to supply energy to multiple electrical devices, and does not require any maintenance.

Bosch is also demonstrating an augmented reality (AR) concept solution for vehicle maintenance and repair. As modern vehicles become increasingly complex, workshop mechanics face difficulties in possessing the necessary knowledge to perform complicated tasks. The solution, in the form of an app for smartphones and tablets, provides a visualization of the faulty component, the steps required to repair it, and common mistakes to avoid. The app aims to reduce repair times and improve the quality of service workshops by equipping mechanics with the necessary repair information via AR, quickly and efficiently. The company is a supplier of diagnostic and repair equipment for automotive workshops, and is responsible for one of the world’s largest network of independent workshops under the “Bosch Car Service” brand.

As a leading global supplier of automotive technologies to vehicle manufacturers, Bosch offers a wide portfolio of automotive components and spare parts for the aftermarket that are comparable in quality to a vehicle’s original equipment. The company is presenting a series of quality spare parts made from German engineering for Asian vehicles, ranging from horns, light bulbs, windscreen wipers, spark plugs, and maintenance-free batteries such as the AM Hightec Silver AMS for the Indonesian automotive market. With its holistic one-stop solution for Indonesian drivers, Bosch provides quality vehicle parts for a safer drive, technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, and a network of reliable maintenance workshops to ensure that drivers get a peace of mind.

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