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Bosch in Indonesia
Bosch in Numbers

Bosch Southeast Asia In Numbers

Bosch Southeast Asia In Numbers

Bosch's operation spans the entire globe. The scale of the business is often best expressed in numbers. Numbers are at the core of everything we do. In Southeast Asia, since 1919.

2018 was a remarkable year for Bosch in Southeast Asia. Time to take a look at the numbers that drive the region:

712 cameras

Indonesia's first-ever light rail system, the Palembang Light Rail Transit system is equipped with 712 of Bosch’s video surveillance cameras. Built to facilitate the 2018 Asian Games, the 23.4km long train system connects the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport and Jakabaring Sport City, reducing traveling time between the two locations by around 30 to 45 minutes.

Indonesia also has one of the busiest roads in the world, with 13.6 million registered vehicles and a growing automotive production hub, especially for passenger cars and motorcycles. In 2018, 2.6 million Bosch automotive components were sold in Indonesia – approximately the same number of football fans who attended the 1994 FIFA World Cup games held in the United States. In a move to advocate road and vehicle safety, Bosch signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Transportation to support the government’s Road Safety Action Program.

100,000,000 power tools

Bosch Malaysia

In Malaysia Bosch has three manufacturing plants, producing car multimedia, automotive steering systems, and power tools - all located in the northern state of Penang. This is the largest number of manufacturing facilities in a single country for Bosch in Southeast Asia!

Manufacturing and developing power tools since 1992, the Bosch Power Tools plant in Penang recently reached a momentous milestone: the production of its 100 millionth power tool since its establishment. In 2018 alone, the Power Tools plant produced around 17 million power tools and battery packs – that’s roughly three power tools and battery packs per person in Singapore!

25,000 fans

Bosch in Myanmar took Facebook by storm with its “Beauty Beneath” campaign, an artistic wall painting project that addressed road and vehicle safety issues that the country continues to grapple with. Shared 7,000 times and liked by more than 25,000 people, the campaign successfully reached 3.6 million people, generating conversation around the importance of safe driving practices, as well as vehicle safety technology.

Bosch Myanmar

600 residents

With the support of Primavera, a charitable organization driven by Bosch employees - Bosch Philippines continues to make lives better for the residents of Elsie Gaches Village. The sprawling 16-hectare complex in Alabang - roughly the size of 16 football fields - is home to around 600 residents, most of whom are abandoned and neglected children. Bosch also partnered with Haribon Foundation, a nature conservation organization in the Philippines, planting more than 400 seedlings at the Buhay Punlaan in Lumban, Laguna. With one tree absorbing as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, Bosch's tree-planting initiative will help absorb as much as 1,920 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Bosch Philipines

24 teams

Bosch Singapore

24 teams comprised of Bosch associates battled it out for the Bosch Global innovation challenge. The objective is to develop new technologies that help businesses and communities to address their daily challenges. One of the winning ideas is the Bosch Intelligent Microgrid for Asia (BIMA). BIMA is a tailor-made solution that integrates multiple energy sources, storage and loads to maximize reliability and minimize cost. It consists of an intelligent microgrid controller, customized system design, and an analytics and services package. BIMA was first installed at the Nimasi Community Health Clinic in Timor, Indonesia, where daily power blackouts are the norm. Since the installation the clinic has experienced zero blackouts and extended its operation.

3 seconds

The Powertrain Solutions plant in Thailand reached a production milestone with its 10 millionth electrical connector - one of the various components produced at the company's Hemaraj facility. That's roughly 1 electrical connector produced every 3 seconds. Opening its doors in December 2017, the Hemaraj plant has been providing advanced skills and career-based opportunities for a great number of qualified employees as well as state-of-the-art engineering facilities in Thailand.

Bosch Thailand

30,000,000 CVT pushbelts

Bosch Vietnam

The population of Singapore stood at more than 5 million by the end of 2018. This also represents the number of continuously variable transmission (CVT) pushbelts produced at Bosch's Powertrain Solutions plant in Vietnam. CVT pushbelt is the component responsible for the efficient transmission of power to the drive axle. Throughout its 10-year development, the plant has since produced 30 million CVT pushbelts for the worldwide market.

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