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Bosch in Indonesia

Bosch Young Inventors 2017: Empowering young Indonesian to make a difference

Fostering innovative excellence through competition


  • Bosch Young Inventors serves as a platform for aspiring young inventors to express their talent and ideas through competition
  • Winning idea from Team Brawijaya University aimed to increase efficiency of counterfeit vaccine detector
  • Bosch hopes to inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity within students to help make a difference in the country
  • Bosch Young Inventors 2017: Empowering young Indonesian to make a difference

Jakarta, Indonesia — Bosch, the leading global supplier of technology and services, today announced team of Brawijaya University as champion of the Bosch Young Inventors 2017 competition with their invention of X-Factor that helps to overcome counterfeit vaccine in Indonesia.

As winners of the Bosch Young Inventors 2017 edition, the five team members from East Java will be visiting the company’s Southeast Asia headquarters and its research and development centre in Singapore for a learning and skills development excursion. The visit titled ‘Bosch Innovation Bootcamp’ is taken place in January 2018

Team leader of X-Factor, Oktivia Ditasari said, " We are honoured by this award, especially from an innovation leader such as Bosch. We look forward to meeting and learning from Bosch’s topic expert in Singapore in the areas of innovation and technology of the future”.

Congratulating the winners, managing director of Bosch in Indonesia Mr. Andrew Powell said “The spirit behind the Bosch Young Inventors is to inspire and empower local talents to come up with technological solution that is making a positive difference to the country. We were impressed with the creativity and diversity of ideas and glad to see the growing enthusiasm amongst young Indonesian in embracing technology and innovation for the better”.

The Bosch Young Inventors was first introduced in 2016 and is a part of the company’s first Southeast Asian multi-channel brand campaign with the slogan “We help make a difference”. The campaign initiative aims to heighten brand awareness of how the company help make people’s live better every day. Going in on its second year as part of the campaign, Bosch supported three team of local young inventors through a partnership with the Kick Andy Show, a highly acclaimed national television program. Winners are then determined by way of a social media contest on Facebook. Team from Brawijaya University were chosen as winners based on the total number of 10,663 of likes and shares that they received from the social media competition.

Three innovations that help make a difference

Utilizing recycled cans and solar resources, three students of Gadjah Mada University (Yogyakarta) created an alternative lamp that works without electricity, named Solacan (Solar in Can). The innovation helps in conserving the natural resources and strives towards environmental efficiency by using discarded cans.

Encouraged by concerns on the widespread circulation of counterfeit vaccines in Indonesia, five students of Brawijaya University (Malang, East Java) invented a counterfeit vaccine detector called X-Factor (Extra Fast Fake Vaccine Detector). The X-Factor helps to reduce the risk of adverse effects that may be caused by counterfeit vaccine.

Meanwhile in West Java, four students of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) have successfully developed a portable incubator, useful as an evacuation asset for babies during natural disasters. Designed in backpack form, the lightweight incubator (less than 5kgs) enables users to carry infants easily during evacuation or rescue missions.

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