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Bosch in Indonesia
Decoding Tomorrow

Technology Invented for Life

Decoding Tomorrow

At Bosch, we develop products and solutions designed to enhance daily life. With our drive to innovate, we create hardware and software that will make tomorrow a better place to live in. With sustainability at the core of our work, we ensure that our global activities and practices are in-line with our path to carbon neutrality. This is what we call technology “Invented for Life”.

Using our know-how today to make tomorrow’s world a better place is at the heart of what we do. Product by product, service by service, line by line of code, we’re decoding tomorrow.

Dr. Stefan Hartung, Chairman of the Board of Management

The future of manufacturing

Manufacturing and industrial technologies are at the core of our business and as we step into the future, these areas must evolve to match the demand and quality standards of tomorrow. That is why we constantly improve our operations and facilities, optimize production, and introduce new products.

Hemaraj, Thailand
  • WHA (Hemaraj) Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand. In Thailand, the Bosch Hemaraj plant is a manufacturing center for powertrain solutions for local and international customers. With its state-of-art facilities, the plant produces electrical connectors to supply for the region and is also a research and development center, providing advanced skills and career-based opportunities for interns and employees.
  • Amata City, Rayong, Thailand. As motorcycle sales and production increase in the Southeast Asian region, so does the demand for safer systems. To address this pressing need for enhanced safety through technology, Bosch started production of antilock braking systems for motorcycles (motorcycle ABS) in its Amata plant in Rayong, in the second quarter of 2022. Amata plant is Bosch’s third manufacturing site for motorcycle ABS in the world.
Amata, Thailand
  • Dong Nai, Vietnam. Bosch also operates a powertrain solutions plant in Dong Nai, manufacturing continuously variable transmission pushbelts (CVT pushbelts), a more comfortable, safer, and resource-friendly component for automatic transmissions The Bosch Powertrain Solutions plant in Vietnam is the largest CVT pushbelt plant of Bosch worldwide.
Dong Nai, Vietnam

Software of tomorrow

At Bosch, we always search for the best talent – in both hardware manufacturing and software development. We make significant investments in this area in Southeast Asia - we have recently expanded our business in Vietnam with the opening of a new software center in Hanoi, Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW). The new center will focus on development services for automotive manufacturing and digital business.

Both HCMC and Hanoi locations are expected to employ around 6,000 people by 2025. Currently Bosch BGSW in Vietnam houses some 2,900 software specialists, and the new hub is intended to strengthen our focus on software solutions and attract young digital talents.

Our drive to support young software talent does not end on creating new workplaces. The Blue Sky project that we launched in Vietnam used Bosch AIoT expertise to support young innovators in developing solutions that will help in battling air pollution.

Visit Blue Sky in Thailand

Visit Blue Sky in Vietnam


Future sustainable solutions

Fuel Cell technology

Over the next three years, Bosch will invest 3 billion euros in climate-neutral technology with key products in electrolyzer components, electromobility, heat pumps and fuel cells. We have laid important foundations for further growth and have been driving topics on electrification and hydrogen. As we face climate challenges, it is important to diversify energy sources used.

  • Fuel Cell Technology. This 2022, we plan to start production of fuel cell drive system for trucks. Production plant in Wuxi to cater to the Chinese market.
Hydrogen Electrolysis
  • Hydrogen Electrolysis. Bosch is investing up to 500 million euros in the development of components of electrolyzers, which uses electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen to create energy.

Decoding Tomorrow

Tomorrow brings a lot of uncertainty – from climate change and the evolution of technology to energy security, the future is full of challenges. With product and technologies that are “Invented for Life”, we develop solutions that give people the key to tomorrow’s world – products that spark enthusiasm, and that conserve natural resources. In this endeavor, we rely on a thirst for knowledge, expertise in key technologies, and excellence in the development of hardware, software, and services. With all of our actions and goals – we are “decoding tomorrow”.

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