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Shifting paradigms

Creative technology you can trust

Bong Bot Sluice Hero

We are living in times of a fundamental change, a monumental shift to social paradigms and business models. As Southeast Asia tackles threats to public health, rapidly advancing climate change, changing demographics, and increased digitization in all sectors, the circumstances call for unprecedented solutions – not only innovative and creative, but also robust and reliable.

Creativity under constraint

As local businesses grow and more young people migrate to cities such as Saigon or Jakarta in search of opportunities, Southeast Asia becomes increasingly more urbanized. That puts significant strain on existing infrastructure, especially in the areas of energy management and urban mobility, and calls for innovative approaches.

CO2 Neutral

CO2 Neutral Technologies

CO2 neutral technologies are a good way towards a sustainable future. However, reducing carbon emissions in all vehicles is a complex task and electrification may not be a universal solution. Thinking out of the box, Bosch imagines a future where internal combustion engines can use clean and regenerative fuels such as hydrogen to power even the largest vehicles and will invest one billion euros in fuel cell technology by 2024.

Immission Monitoring Box (IMB)

Immission Monitoring Box (IMB)

The Bosch Immission Monitoring Box (IMB), is a connected solution that provides accurate measurements and real-time data of air quality to identify pollution sources. This allows for better urban planning and healthier cities.

The world is changing. We must think and act differently. That takes courage, staying power, and — above all — creativity.

Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Board of Management

Technology you can trust

Regardless of its rapid growth in the past few decades, Southeast Asia remains vulnerable to both global crises and slow-onset disasters. Year 2020 alone saw the region grapple with the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, Philippines hit by an unprecedented number of typhoons, widespread flooding in Vietnam and Indonesia, and a long-lasting drought affecting Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. When people’s lives are at stake, there is no room for error - we need solutions that are tested and trustworthy. In times of crisis, Bosch is helping smooth the path forward with innovations that you can trust.

Managing busy areas has become especially pressing during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as our cities grow, we will need efficient technologies to handle crowds. The People Count solution allows businesses and institutions to ensure safe distancing, even in areas such as shopping malls and airports. By combining the power of Bosch intelligent cameras and Philips Android displays, we created a reliable social distancing solution, designed to equip the responsible authorities with the information they need and to manage crowds effectively and efficiently.

Sometimes, the situation calls for a more heavyweight solution. The Bong Bot sluice gate in Vietnam, with huge steel elements weighing up to 350 tons, allows to reduce the saltwater intrusions in the Mekong Delta by 30-70 percent. As 96,000 households in the area are short of freshwater for daily use, building saltwater prevention became the most sustainable and efficient defense in the fight against drought and saltwater intrusions. The huge steel gates operated by hydraulic cylinders manufactured by Bosch Rexroth ensure that the quality of sweet water of Mekong Delta is preserved and that the livelihood of local communities is protected.

Making an impact… decade after decade


As new challenges emerge, long-standing issues such as road safety continue to be relevant. Collisions and crashes claim over 50 lives every day in Thailand and over 100 000 traffic accidents occur in Indonesia each year. Luckily, well-known technologies can still inspire the conversation and shape the future of road safety. While solutions such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC) have been around for more than 25 years, they are still a necessary component in all modern vehicles. Bosch has been contributing to increasing road safety in ASEAN by producing these components in our plant in Thailand for distribution throughout Southeast Asia.

One strategy to achieve greater road safety and reduce the number of road accidents is to pair tried and tested technologies such as ABS with new connectivity solutions like the Telematics eCall plug. The small device offers a greater insight into users' driving behavior and if necessary, the chance to act upon it - such as triggering an emergency call in the case of an accident. With the roadside assistance program from Bosch Service Solutions, a worldwide mobility platform consisting of local partners from the police, fire department, and hospitals are made available to drivers in case of an accident. Through mentally resilient service experts who speak the local language, drivers all over the world can rest assured that their safety and well-being is in good hands until help arrives.

The ability to expertly react to new megatrends and the capacity to lead a real change are two sides of the same coin – they both require creativity, technical expertise, and a great deal of trust. They are also two crucial characteristics of companies with a real staying power - adapting quickly to the volatile world of today and actively revolutionizing entire industries is the only way forward. At Bosch, we are ready to face this challenge, equipped with technologies invented for life.

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