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Bosch in Indonesia

Touching millions of Indonesia hearts

Nurturing young inventors with Kick Andy.

Project KickAndy

A chance for young inventors

The first Bosch episode on the Kick Andy show aired in August 2016 and was followed by a second competition in October 2017. The project awarded creative and innovative thinking amongst young inventors by giving them an insight into the workings of a technology company.

Innovation, dedication and a creative mindset help boost Indonesia's development. New technologies contribute to higher economic growth and better welfare across the country. Bosch actively encourages and seeks to inspire young Indonesians to be ingenious and develop something for the greater good of society.

Join the young inventors on their trip to Germany.

True to our founder Robert Bosch's beliefs we are dedicated to enabling young inventors to help make a difference in daily life.


12 million

Did you know? 12 million people watched the Bosch sponsored Kick Andy episodes.

Indonesia’s inventors of tomorrow

The first winners, Raafi and Atin from Pati, Central Java, impressed the audience with a composite from cassava peel and banana tree fiber.

Other inventors like Kris from Surabaya, East Java, demonstrated a way to reduce road accidents by developing an anti-drowsiness helmet.

In 2017 the team of Brawijaya University won the competition with their invention of X-Factor that helps to overcome counterfeit vaccine in Indonesia.

For the winners Bosch opened its doors to give them a first-hand insight into a global company driven by innovation.

The Company and the youngsters share the same spirit and motivation to help make a positive difference and improve the lives of people around them.

Photo Gallery

Find out what these young Inventors have in common with Bosch. A small innovation can help make a difference in society.

Project KickAndy
Project KickAndy
Project KickAndy
Project KickAndy
Project KickAndy

8.1 billion

Did you know? Bosch spent more than 8.1 billion USD on research & development, in the last year alone.

The spirit behind the Bosch Young Inventors is to inspire and empower local talents to come up with technological solution that is making a positive difference to the country.


The community decided

Winners are determined by way of a social media contest on Facebook. The community around the country had the chance to vote for their favorite idea. The young inventors each created a short video to present themselves and promote their inventions.

We look forward to seeing many more achievements from our young inventors.